"A Joy to Work With!"

...is what our clients say about working with Painting Solutions. Inc.
Although we will try, a thousand words here cannot fully capture the skill, experience, knowledge, consideration, personality and professionalism we bring to the job; you will feel these in our presence. That is why our clients often tell us that they so appreciate the initial visit with us. The best laconic phrase to capture all this is our tag line:
Clients Say We Are "A Joy to Work With!"

Although phrases and facts alone cannot capture what we can do for you, here are some you may want to know:

  • Serving South Jersey, and Delaware Valley.
  • Have  experienced no accidents  work related  in  close to a decade, protecting property and person.
  • Fully insured and registered (NJ Reg. # 13VH0025600)(Contractors have to have a number like this).
  • Easy to work with, personable, considerate, a pleasure to deal with.
  • Professional and Ethical:  Member of the PDCA, supporting and abiding by their code of ethics (visit it at: http://www.pdca.org/page/codeofethics) and their industry-wide painting standards.  As far as we are concerned, real professionals want to continue their education, attend meetings for the latest laws and materials, and just generally network with other professionals.  Contracting with a painter who is not a member of a professional association is just using a laborer to slop paint around.  In accounting, you look for a CPA; in electrical or plumbing work, you look for a licensed contractor; short of these, you get what you pay for. 
  • Knowledgeable:  With four decades of business experience, we know how to handle just about any situation. With a name like ours, we are often called in to clean up messes, and there are many created by sub-professional painters.  Unfortunately, the ultimate cost on those projects is much higher than the original professional estimate. Our unique business set up will bring to you the most options, more than just about any other painting contractor.
  • Fair:  We often hear clients say that they loved working with us due to our full explanations of every step in the process, and the way we sit with the client and agree on what, when, how, where, who and how much each step needs.  They love  all the many options we bring to the job, the way all the options are explained, and the flexibility this  gives them.  That is why we like to say that we work with you, not for you.