"The proof is in the Pudding!" On this page, we have many chefs who have added to our great "pudding" results. Enjoy our dessert.

We originally did not use Painting Solutions because we tried to save a little money. But the franchise painters that we chose sent in immigrants with whom I could not communicate, so the mistakes were somewhat unavoidable. The regional manager for this painter could not even offer a solutions/correction for the poor job. That is when I called Bruce, and he walked me through the basic approach the job needed, explained the 5 ws about it, and proceeded to rectify the mess the other painter left me with. His crew was neat, knowledgeable, and very considerate to my needs. I then recommended them to my neighbor, who also used them to paint the exterior of her house.
P.W., Moorestown

Workers arrived on time, were task efficient and cleaned the area before they left each evening. Bruce Tuttle, owner provided me with several options for problem areas in my kitchen. His contract details were clear and he and his workers lived up to the promised product results.
A.M.H, Cherry Hill

Painting Solutions fixed the chipping paint that developed from the prior painter who worked only only a few months prior. Bruce knows the solutions, and I had him paint a few other rooms too, hang some new 6-panel doors, patched some roof shingles, and corrected a leaky toilet. I am glad he saved me time and money because his company is so knowledgeable.
N.Y, Cinnaminson

We felt so comfortable with the way Bruce covers all bases throughout the whole process that we gave him the keys for the week and we returned from vacation to a new house. Kudos to you and your crew!
L.B., Medford

As the facilities manager for an office that houses 145 workers, I was glad Painting Solutions worked with our schedule, needs, and changes we presented. Six weeks of interior evening work, then a second project of a week for our exterior, you guys made my job easy as I have 144 critics, and not one complained. Than you!
M.H., Cherry Hill

We are thrilled with the painting. The crew was so kind and accommodating--it made the whole experience so much better considering there was very little privacy in the house for the past week or so from the day-campers I oversaw! Please tell EVERYONE on your team that we said thank you from the bottom of our hearts for a job well done--those guys are a class act, as far as I'm concerned!!!
C.P., Moorestown

(this from a prospect; do you think we landed the job?)

Bruce, Thanks so much for your careful and detailed appraisal of our property. Your craftsmanship is evident in everything you presented us. We are discussing our options and just needed to address an issue and get your thoughts. For the record, I spent 8 months marinating in TSP and epoxy encapsulant to de lead a property I owned in Philadelphia. This was done in tandem with an environmental contactor I had employed. In any event, suffice to say that Lead is on my radar. Again, Lisa and I were very pleased with your presentation and do understand the value of a craftsmen versus a contractor.
Chris and Lisa, Moorestown