Businesses to Avoid

  • Miscellaneous Bad Experiences:
  • Painters who are not registered with the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs are breaking the law.  If they break the law, they will have no problem breaking their agreement with you!  Make sure they have the 11 digit registration # like the one we display; make sure it is on every paper they give you, on their signs and trucks, etc.  Or do you want a criminal working in your house?
  • Power washers who don't use hot water.  Two jobs in 2011  were for houses painted within the last 5 years, and the paint was peeling because improper wash/no wash.  A good paint job over a bad paint job begets a bad paint job; that's what happened here. Much of the bad paint job had to be stripped to get to the old dirt there under. Eliminating the dirt, we put a beautiful color on the walls that will now last well over a decade.
  • Painters who tell you the name brand paint they say they will use, but use that company's "contractor" (read:  poor) grade paint, which lasts only 5 years, on average.  We have repainted over half a dozen of these in the past year.
  • Painters who don't pay their bills.  One reference to check (of the at least three you should check before hiring any contractor):  the paint store from which they buy paint.  There are many painters who don't keep current with their supplier; they will also short you, then, where they can.
  • The competition in the contracting world has brought out the worst in painters.  Unless you monitor their progress hourly, every day, you may get only one coat on surfaces.  The only way to help avoid this is to go with a company that stands by a Code of Ethics like all PDCA painters do; look for that membership to ensure quality as promised.