Your Deck is better served by a Painting Contractor

Please call us to consult on protecting you Deck

Most people who hire the local Power Washing kid to wash and treat their deck are disappointed.  Keeping with the food analogy:  it is like hiring the pot washer to serve you and friends a good meal. Power Washers know how to clean surfaces with pressure, but know very little about the coating (Paint) industry.  Seeing that the coating is the most important aspect of your deck job, You are better served by a Professional Painter for your deck work than someone good with a hose.

With the record rainfall in June 2013, we had decks washed but waiting for over a month to get their top coating—you have to wait at least 3 days for a deck to dry out, then let it “cure” for at least a day after the application. 

Besides the wash, Special products (and knowledge thereof) can be used from the different paint companies for the different conditions decks present:  Repair work (replace or fill rotten spots), Special coatings strippers, conditioners, chemicals to revive (and sanding if necessary) the surfaces, special applicators (hard or soft spray, brush, roll, mop) and conditions for application (e.g., we actually tarp decks on sunny days prior to coating application—the wood can be too hot for the coating).   Does your power washer contractor know these things?